Splinterlinks Updates: New Links and Integrations (12.06.2022)

We’re excited to announce the latest updates to Splinterlinks, the premier curated list of helpful resources for the Splinterlands community. Whether you’re an investor, collector, content creator or developer, Splinterlinks is your one-stop shop for discovering great new projects related to Splinterlands.

This time around, we’ve added several new links to the list, including NFTyArcade.io (@nfty-arcade) — a must-see for any Splinterlands fan! So be sure to visit the site to see what’s new.

We’re also starting to explore more integrations with the Hive Ecosystem: we’re now using the Exxp plugin to post both on our self-hosted blog and directly to the Hive blockchain simultaneously. (This is the first post we’re testing releasing this way, so let’s see how it goes!) We’ll also be announcing each update in our Splinterlinks Discord server, so make sure you follow us there for all the news!

Finally, we’ve been hard at work fixing a major issue where users were able to vote multiple times by refreshing. Now, you can only vote once per day when logged in — so come back and make sure your favorites are still at the top of the list!

Plus, it’s still free to add links — so if you’re a developer or content creator with something Splinterlands related that should be on the list, just create an account and submit your link.

The only paid feature currently is the featured spot at the top of the list. The cost for a featured spot is only $10/month with discounts for longer commitments. And you can also pay with HBD by request.

We can’t wait for you to explore what’s new — so head over to Splinterlinks now and get exploring! See you there!